Featured Coffee Varieties

Coffee Company Special Roasts

Colombian Supremo - Mellow, aromatic, unsurpassed "Breakfast Cup."
Colombian Supremo Decaf - Fine Swiss water process "Breakfast Decaf."
Costa Rican SHB (Super Hard Bean) - Finest grade, smooth, rich, bold.
Kenya "AA" - Smooth and delicately crisp. A fine African coffee.
Mocha Java - Unflavored, terrific. The Arabica coffee that started it all.
Mocha Java Decaf - Swiss water process is the world's finest decaf coffee.

Flavored Coffee Choices

Hazelnut - Regular and decaf. A popular choice.
French Vanilla - Smooth Vanilla flavor and French buttery goodness.
Snickerdoodle - Cinnamon-chocolate-hazelnut coffee. Popular and tasty.
Decaf Snickerdoodle - The same great coffee, without the caffeine.
Irish Cream - The gold standard.
Chocolate Almond - Almond flavor married to chocolate coffee flavor.
Chocolate Cherry - Fruity and Chocolatey. Decadent.

Dark Roasts

Italian Roast Espresso - Our superior, darkest roast.
French Roast - A darkly roasted Colombian. Top shelf.
French Roast Decaf - A super choice with no caffeine. Swiss Water Process.
Danish Blend - 1/3 French roast, 1/3 Mocha Java, 1/3 Colombian.
Danish Decaf Blend - All of those great beans with no buzz. Swiss Water Process.
Yrgacheffe - Ethiopian dark roast. The connoisseur's choice.

Full City Roasts

Our Blend - A secret recipe. Rich, complex, bold, assertive. Stop Here.
Decaf Our Blend - The best decaf available, period. Swiss Water Process.
Sumatran - Magnificent body and syrupy richness. Fine and direct.
Tanzanian Peaberry - Rarest, smoothest, mellowest.
Ethiopian - Harrar District. Pungent, winey, aromatic - A fine African cup.

All Coffee Varieties are Available in Bulk to Enjoy at Home!

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